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Oodaalolly Fine Chocolates


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Malaya is proud to feature a fellow business partner , Oodaalolly Fine Chocolate is a US based small batch single origin chocolate company. They combine the finest Philippine sourced cacao with a secret family Swiss chocolate making technique to create chocolate you’ll never forget.

Several Bars are available for you to enjoy including:

  • 70% Dark Chocolate
  • 60% Milk Chocolate
  • Pinch of Pangasinan ( means “place of salt”), blended with IIocano sea salt
  • Dark Chocolate with Calamansi ( indigenous fruit a cross between a lime and a tangerine )
  • Milk Chocolate with Mango
  • White Chocolate Kape’late’ ( coffee )
  • Dark Chocolate Almonds and Salt
  • Mayon Art Bar – Mayon was inspired by the work of Filipino painter Fernando Cueto Amorsolo.
  • Kasama Rum and Odaalolly Chocolate – Dark Chocolate and Coconut Sugar



70% Dark Chocolate, 60% Milk Chocolate, Pinch of Pangasinan, Dark Chocolate with Calamansi, Milk Chocolate with Mango, White Chocolate Kape'late', Dark Chocolate Almonds and Salt, Mayon Art Bar, Kasama Rum and Odaalolly Chocolate – Dark Chocolate and Coconut Sugar 


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