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CBD Valentine Gift Set 2022


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CBD Valentine Gift Set 2022

Malaya Botanicals, in partnership with Foria Wellness, carries luxurious, sexy, and unique CBD products formulated for an ultimate bonding experience with your Bae?

?Start by setting your mood with our CBD mints which has 10mg of CBD Isolate per mint to help you relax
?Set the ambiance with the soothing aroma of our CBD Massage Candle scented with Lemongrass, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils and Massage Oils.
?Soak in the water and enjoy our heart-shaped, Sweetheart Candy CBD Bathbomb with the words like “Mahal Kita” (I love you in Tagalog), “Kilig” (Elation caused by a romantic experience), “I Love You” and “XOXO” to spark the heart.
?Lastly, take it to the next level with your “minamahal” (loved one) and try Foria Wellness CBD Arousal and Lubricant Oils and have an exceptional experience! You’re welcome! ?


Malaya Botanicals X Foria Wellness


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